Conducting Research for Your Anthropology Dissertation

Anthropology DissertationProvided you can conduct proper experiments, your own data will be integral to the success of your dissertation. Although you will also use the research of others as well, which you will discuss in your literature review, you will most certainly want to examine all opportunities to conduct your own studies. Your anthropology dissertation will be better for it.

  • Doing Your Own Research: Lite

The type of research you will be conducting will depend greatly on the field of anthropology into which you will be entering. Most of the time, your research will be conducted in a lab or other controlled environment.

  • Consider the field work you would most enjoy doing.

What you enjoy doing will always be a defining factor in the work to which you choose to apply yourself. If you do not feel a driving passion for the subject of your dissertation, you will never complete it.

You may have already begun looking at internships or research assistant positions. This will play an integral role in the development of your anthropology dissertation. You may conduct a large portion of your research in this context.

When you are working on the composition of any anthropology thesis, remember that you have access to a huge population of individuals. Look for studies that you can use to support your work without having to travel. For the economical doctorate student, you want to stay as localized as possible.

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  • More Advanced Techniques

But the easy way is not for everyone. Some people prefer a more intense approach to their anthropology dissertations. There is no limit to the paths you might discover.

  • Take the inter-disciplinary route.

Anthropology has a lot of room for intellectual cross-pollination with the biological, physiological, and chemical disciplines. Base your experiments and studies on experiments and studies from these disciplines. Adjust to fit your specific needs.

  • Go the extra mile.

Another chapter in your dissertation, based mostly in your own research, will make your thesis far more credible.

Start early begin your dissertation as soon as possible, giving you maximum opportunity to sample a wide array of sources.

  • Do travel.

Going on location, especially in a field such as anthropology, offers an opportunity for a hands-on learning experience, which has often demonstrated an improved absorption of the data at hand.