Caspar Wistar Award for Growth

Caspar Wistar came to the United States from Baden, Germany in 1717 at age 21, and in 1739, he established the first successful glass factory in the colonies in Salem County, New Jersey (near present day Alloway).   Bottles and window glass were the chief products of “Wistarburg,” as the glasshouse and its surrounding community were called. At its height, the factory employed 60 people annually, and it is estimated that it produced 17,000-20,000 bottles annually.  The factory also made scientific glass, supplying Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) with the glass apparatus used in his experiments on electricity.


This award is presented to an immigrant owned and operated business that:

  • Is a foreign-born founder of a business, for-profit corporation, partnership, or proprietorship headquartered in New Jersey.
  • Was founded in 2009 or earlier.
  • Is currently be actively involved in a senior management position or as a board member.
  • Must demonstrate percentage growth in revenue, number of employees, number of branches, and/or regional coverage.

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