Nicholas Marcalus Award for Sustainability

Marcal Paper Mills was founded in 1932 by Nicholas Marcalus, an Italian immigrant.  The company slogan “Paper from paper, not from trees” has served as a dual mission statement throughout the company’s history.  It collects paper from roadside pick-up containers in residential areas, from office buildings throughout the US, and even from the US post office’s unwanted mail, saving over 200,000 tons of paper annually.  Today, Marcal has over 900 employees, manufacturers its products in 2 states (New Jersey and Illinois), and has helped save over 21 million trees.


This award is presented to an immigrant owned and operated business that:

  • Uses sustainability as a strategic and integrated part of their entire operations.
  • Is an innovator and leader in sustainable practice and role models for the business community.
  • Is considering the long-term, and is  able to be successful while providing both ecological, social, and financial dividends.
  • Has a good awareness of how it can work smarter, and has strategic plans for managing and improving its overall productivity in a sustainable manner.

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